Chair                            -   Colleen Preston
Secretary                     -   Dominic Stringer
Budget Manager        -   Brian Preston


Ice Hockey

Chair                        -  Gemma Albutt
Secretary                -  David Flett
Budget Manager   -  Andrew Tooth


Chair                        -  Simon Preston
Secretary                -  VACANT
Budget Manager   -  VACANT

Martial Arts

Chair                        -  Simon Preston
Secretary                 -  VACANT
Budget Manager    -  VACANT

Board of Directors

Managing Director:        Simon Preston

Director:                           Colleen Preston                         

Director:                           Brian Preston

Director:                           Dominic Stringer

Director Designate:        Gemma Albutt

Director Designate:        David Flett

Director Designate:       Andrew Tooth

Director Designate:       VACANT

Director Designate:       VACANT

Director Designate:       VACANT

Director Designate:       VACANT

Our Team 2019-2020


Commitees & Members

"Its amazing what the life of a little girl can do to inspire people, even if she was only with us for three years."

Simon Preston

Bethany-Shannon Memorial Ice Hockey Festival 2016