"Its amazing what the life of a little girl can do to inspire people, even if she was only with us for three years."

Simon Preston

Bethany-Shannon Memorial Ice Hockey Festival 2016

The Bethany's Legacy Ice Hockey Challenge Cup was initially set up in the 2017/18 season by 6 teams, Birmingham Rockets, MK Hurricanes, Solihull Vikings, Sheffield Blazers, Telford Spartans and Nottingham North Stars.  The aim was to introduce a competitive competition between teams of similar ability that would lead to close, competitive matches. 

Following the success of the inaugral season, the competition quickly expanded to 14 teams.  The cup then split into two separate competitions; Checking & Non-Checking.

The BLICC competition's primary aim is to close the ability gap between recreational ice hockey and the national leagues by giving teams the chance to play competitive hockey against teams of a similar ability in their groups as its the belief that players would push and challenge themselves more when games are close.  No-one learns from a 25-0 hammering!

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