"Its amazing what the life of a little girl can do to inspire people, even if she was only with us for three years."

Simon Preston

Bethany-Shannon Memorial Ice Hockey Festival 2016

The Co-Founders - Colleen & Simon Preston

On the 22nd June 2010, at 6.30am, Simon and Colleen experienced the most Earth-shattering moment that any parent would fear the most - finding their child dead.

Simon found Bethany unconscious in her bed, and despite his efforts in using CPR - Bethany continued to be unresponsive.  Whilst Simon was performing CPR, Colleen called for a Paramedic who arrived quickly on the scene but unfortunatley, Bethany was too far gone for any medical professional to reach out and bring her back.

In order to preserve her memory, Simon & Colleen founded Bethany's Legacy 6 months later and have together raised over £15,000 for various charities since Bethany's death.  In June 2017, Bethany's Legacy became a registered CIC so that Simon & Colleen can better serve the community in Bethany's memory.

Since becoming a CIC, Bethany's Legacy has started to generate funds through sporting activity so that they can be re-invested into sustainable projects that will help people who have gone through trauma to rediscover themselves.  We are very much in the early stages, but we already have a few projects lined up that could help people.

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