Bethany's Legacy aims to answer the question most commonly asked by people who are friends or family of parents who have lost a child -  How can I help?

‚ÄčPeople in this position find this question very difficult to answer because losing a child is something that no-one really contemplates or thinks it would ever happen to them in their lifetime, but unfortunately for a minority of people like does.

The grief in this case is no something that disappears over time, but it is something that gets easier to manage in time, but for those first few years - its hell.

So how can you help?   Its actually quite simple, you cannot take the grief away, and you certainly cannot replace the lost little one BUT you can help make the road less turbulent by helping to keep a bereaved parent's focus onto something positive in memory of their lost little ones.  We have certainly found it very helpful to surround ourselves with people who want to help and play their part in channeling our grief in memory of our little girl just by holding an annual event during the anniversary of Bethany's death.

We want to reach out to those who may want to help someone who has lost a child to cope with the terrible grief that they are left with into something wonderful that leaves a lasting legacy of their child in the years to come.

Bethany's Legacy will be offering event planning workshops to go through the basics of planning a charity events and is free to those who attend, you will also be part of a network of bereaved families which often proves invaluable to those who are going through this grief. 

Please click on the logos for the event micro-site.

Our 2018 fundraising goals are:

  • To support the ongoing provision of Cardiomyopathy UK in particular the development of a child focused provision.
  • Bethany's Legacy Workshops focusing on charity event planning for people (or know someone) who have suffered a tragedy and wish to channel their grief into something positive.


Bethany's Legacy Mission