Bethany-Shannon was a fun-loving little girl, she lived her little life to the full and always went out of her way to make sure that people are smiling and having fun.  For the short time she was with us, she taught us so much about the more fun side of life and to always try to make the world a happier place.  This was what Bethany-Shannon brought to the world.

Since Bethany passed away, her parents wanted to make sure that her legacy lives on.  To always do what they can to make peoples lives better through enjoyment and fun.

Bethany-Shannon Preston

​16th January 2007 - 22nd June 2010

Bethany-Shannon Preston was a normal, apparently healthy 3 year old girl when, on the 22nd June 2010, she died suddenly overnight after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest.  There is absolutely no indication on what the actual cause of death was but since then we have put our focus into fundraising to try and prevent other families from going through what we have to on a day to day basis in a world that doesn't understand this level of grief that no-one CAN understand unless they themselves are living the same life.

So in March 2011, We founded Bethany's Legacy to help support charities in their aims to prevent unnecessary cardiac deaths and to raise awareness of the pain that bereaved parents have to go through and help to signpost newly bereaved parents to the support that is available.

"Its amazing what the life of a little girl can do to inspire people, even if she was only with us for three years."

Simon Preston

Bethany-Shannon Memorial Ice Hockey Festival 2016